Learn Now, Pay Later

Discover the power of flexible financing

Students: Discover Meratas Learn Now, Pay Later Options

Schools: Increase Enrollment with Qualified Candidates

Employers: Fill your Skills-Gaps with Work-Ready Graduates

All Your Tuition Needs, All in One Place

You want to offer multiple tuition options, but having multiple providers takes you away from focusing on what matters. Meratas is here to help.

Program Design

We’ll help you design tuition programs that are win-win for you in your students. Your students get the flexibility they need while you increase enrollment and improve retention.

Student Application & Underwriting

There’s no need for a separate application process! We have all the tools you need to qualify candidates all on our platform.

Complete Data Transparency

Your outcomes data is important. You need it to gain insights and improve your program. That’s why at Meratas, your data will always be yours.

Featured Partners

Institutions aligning their incentives with their students include:

Why Flexible Financing?

We know that students need more options in paying for their education. Traditional student loans oftentimes aren’t the best solution.

We believe that student loans with flexible financing open more doors to higher education while also helping schools increase enrollment.

Featured Content

How Bootcamps Excel in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Meratas Founder and CEO, Darius Goldman, hosted a one-hour webinar with special guests, Elgrie J. Hurd III, Professor of Psychology & Sociology at Dallas College Brookhaven, and Austen Allred, CoFounder and CEO of Lambda School.
How Schools are Preparing Their Students for the Professional World

Higher education is a community. Like many communities, it has been shaken by the effects of COVID-19. Now, more than ever, students need career training to be better prepared for the professional world.

How Small Colleges Beat the Pandemic

Meratas Founder and CEO, Darius Goldman, hosted a one-hour webinar with special guests, Jim Burkee, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at College of Mount Saint Vincent, and consumer rights and ISA expert, Maria Earley, Partner at Morrison & Foerster

The Meratas Memo

How To Change Careers At Any Age

No matter how you plan and execute a career change, there are some steps you can take to help manage the process. If you are thinking about changing your career,…


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